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Beijing Capital AirportBeijing Capital International Airport ( IATA Code: PEK ) is built in 1958, it's the most important and largest airport in China, there have thress terminal (T1, T2, T3), Beijing Capital Airport is the first and the only a has three terminal and three runways, two towers operating at the same time airport in Asia Pacific, stride into the world of super large airport ranks.

Beijing Capital Airport is located in the northeast of Beijing City that along Shunyi district, it's about 40 km from Beijing downtown. In Beijing airport, there have many shuttle bus line to Beijing downtown, Beijing Subway Airport Express is the fast way from Beijing Airport to Dongzhimen, it only take about 16 mins for 28.1 km.


72 Hours Visa-Free Transit

Since 1st Jan 2013, Beijing Capital Airport carried out 72 hours Visa-free Transit Policy for 51 countries. The traveler who have the third country visa doesn’t need to apply the transit visa in Beijing Capital International Airport for stop over within 72 hours.

Beijing Capital Airport Offers free luggage storage services for 72-hour Visa-free Transit Passengers from September 1, 2014 until December 31, 2015.

Beijing Capital Airport Offers Special Privilege Hotel Products for 72-hour Visa-free Transit Passengers

[ More details.. ]


Beijing Capital Airport Implements 24-hour Visa Exemption Border Inspection Formalities 

From April 15th, 2015, passengers who take international or regional flights to other countries or regions via Beijing Capital Airports and stay in Beijing Capital Airport for less than 24 hours without leaving limited area can be exempted from border inspection formalities, instead, the ground service personnel will collect passenger information. [ More details.. ]


Beijing Offers Tax Refunds to Overseas Tourists [ More details.. ]


Useful Numbers:
24 hours Airport Inquiry: +86-010-96158

Shuttle Bus Inquiry: +86-010-64594375, 64594376

Long Distance Bus Inquiry: +86-010-64558718

Beijing Subway Airport Express Inquiry: +86-010-68345678

Lost & Found: +86-010-64598333 (T1); +86-010-64598333 (T2); +86-010-64530030 (T3)

Luggage Service: +86-010-64540921 (T1); +86-010-64598152 (T2); +86-010-64558580 (T3, east); +86-010-64558579 (T3, west)

Customs Inquiry: +86-010-12360

Beijing Capital International Airport Transportation

Private Beijing Airport Transfer only USD40/per way!!

1. Beijing Airport Taxi: As the door to door transportation, taxi is the most convenient transportation. You could go and wait in the taxi waiting area. Don’t forget your belongings when getting off. Airport Taxi Dispatch Management Number: (010)64541100

2. Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus: Passengers can conveniently take the airport shuttle bus bettween Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Downtown, there total have 16 lines between Beijing Airport and Fangzhuang, Xidan, Beijing Railway Station, Gongzhufen, Zhongguancun, ShangDi & Olympic village, Beijing West Railway Station, Huilongguan, Tongzhou, Beijing South Railway Station, Yizhuang, Sihui, Wangfujing Jinbao Street, Wangjing, China Millennium Monument, Shijingshan.
Price: CNY15 - 30/per person

3. Beijing Airport Community Bus: The Airport Community Bus mainly serves passengers from Beijing Capital Airport to Shunyi District.
Price: CNY4 - 11/per person

4. Beijing Airport Long-distance Coaches: There have Long-distance Coaches bettween Beijing Capital Airport and Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Tanggu, Langfang, Baoding, Tangshan, Cangzhou.
Price: CNY40 - 140/per person

5. Beijing Subway Airport Express: Beijing Subway Airport Express is the fast way from Beijing Airport to Dongzhimen, it only take about 16 mins for 28.1 km, you could transfer to Subway Line 10 at Sanyuanqiao Station, Subway Line 2 and Subway Line 13 at Dongzhimen Station.
Price: CNY25/per person

6. Beijing Airport Free Terminal Shuttle: Beijing Capital Airport provide free terminal shuttle between T1, T2 and T3.

Beijing Subway Map (Click)
Beijing Subway Map
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